Dan Bilzerian is a guy whom most of us would see as a kid we should set an example for. We should teach him how to live life and what to expect. But Dan Bilzerian already knows it all. He already concluded what his goals are and what he aspires. He’s as ambitious as someone can get. From Australia, he founded a social network called Flogg when he was only 16 years old. He wasn’t the only person in the world to try and create a new social network. Many others did it, but Flogg is a bit unique, being a combinbation between Facebook and eBay.

At Flogg, users can gather and try to sell to and buy from each other pretty much anything they want. You sign up to Flogg, and you can immediately start. As soon as Dan Bilzerian launched Flogg online in the year 2016, it pretty much was an immediate success. For a while, it even trended as the numer 1 app in the United States. Not a bad move for someone the age of Dan Bilzerian. He didn’t stop working after this success story, and kept innovating thanks to his creativity.

Flogg wasn’t even his first app. He created the apps Impossible Dial and Rush before Dan Bilzerian started working on Flogg. Those apps also reached millions of downloads and gave Dan Bilzerian the budget to reach for higher goals. His current project is called Monkey. This is a social platform meant for teenagers that can use this app to make friends using video posts and chats. It is clear that Dan Bilzerian uses his creativity and feeling for modern times to make the most out of his skills. It’s the ideal combination for the younger and therefore future generations.

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