Last year, Konami released a revival of the beloved, classic multiplayer franchise Super Bomberman R exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. While the game had a lot of issues at launch, Konami gave it a surprisingly extensive amount of post launch support, which ended up turning the game around in a big way in the long run.

And now, non-Nintendo gamers get to check out the game for themselves, too. On the heel of multiple rumors and leaks, Konami have confirmed that Super Bomberman R will be hitting PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this June. Not just that, but platform exclusive characters will also be released for each version, in collaboration with Sony, Microsoft, and Valve. These will include Ratchet and Clank for the PS4 version, Master Chief for the Xbox One version, and P-Body for the Steam version.

The game itself will launch on June 12. If you have even a passing interest in fun couch multiplayer, make sure to give this a look. Or you can look at the Nintendo Switch version of the game, which is already out, and available on sale rather frequently as well.